Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Adams Family, Part Two/ Kung Foo Frogs

Kung Foo Frogs , originally brought to our shores in a shipment of tires from Japan have been spotted in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park. The bookplate for Mr. Miyazaki illustrates their strange mating ritual. It is not wise to approach these frogs during the September mating season.
On Thursday and Friday I went to the Philadelphia Free Library to look at the bookplate collection(s). Out of all the items I examined these were the two that made the most lasting impression. Click On Images To Enlarge

For biographical information on Admiral Sims click on this link:

The name label shown above was used by President John Adams and is in the collection of the Boston Public Library.The name label below is ,to the best of my knowledge, from the library of some other individual named John Adams. It will be included in a September 27th sale at
J.J. Keating


The Bookplate Society has a nice selection of bookplates for sale. Just follow the link above.


Betsy said...

Hi! I'm so glad you found my entry on bookplates today! Your blog is amazing...what a great idea! The collections some have are extensive and very impressive!
Great to 'meet' you!

pinay said...

great blog! nice collections!

William Smith said...

Nice frog plate! But judging by the Mawashis/loincloths and the lily-pad ring, I'd say they're sumo frogs.