Monday, September 15, 2008

Doctor's Bookplates

Book owners in certain professions are more apt to use bookplates.The professions that come to mind are magicians, poets and physicians. Here are some interesting bookplates from the medical profession. I have not included very much about specialties but I will mention that Dr.Hopping was a Proctologist in New Jersey. If you are a physician currently using a bookplate and would like to send me a scan to add to this posting please do so. Doctor Walford's plate is dated 1754 and was engraved by Yates
Dr.Darnell's plate was designed by his wife Mildred Hollis Darnell. His practice was in Germantown, Pa. and he was on the staff at Hahnemann Hospital

This doctor has the illegible handwriting gene so common in the medical profession. If you click on the image the name will enlarge If you can decipher it please let me know.

Dr. Bayley was a professor of Neurology at Hahnemann Medical College. I have always been fond of this haunting image. I have a faint recollection of a very similar plate used by his son.

Dr. Burbank was a Rheumatologist in New York City

Doctor Dolley was the president of The American Association for Thoracic Surgery in 1943

Dr. Jarcho's plate fits into two of my collecting interests , Judaica and physicians. It was engraved by Arthur Engler.

Here is an excellent site devoted to medical bookplates and ephemera.
One last thing: Claus Wittal a bookplate dealer in Germany has a very comprehensive website well worth looking at.
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Eileen Hogan said...

These are great! I am in love with Weston D Bayley's.

Peter Thornber said...

Re the fourth bp. down [pink, Venus de Milo superimposed upon the Willemdorf Venus], the signature lokks something like "John ..?.. Pick, M.D."
Peter Thornber