Saturday, March 07, 2009

Rodgers Book Barn and Pope Pius X

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There is a charming book store in Hillsdale, New York called Rodgers Book Barn
About ten years ago I was told by a fellow collector that Mrs. Rodgers had acquired an enormous bookplate collection that had been built over a long career by a Manhattan bookseller who had retired in upstate New York.
Needless to say I was at their doorstep the very next day and what I found was spectacular. One item I acquired was a bookplate from the library of Pope Pius X.
At the time, my focus was on 18th century American bookplates so I made a trade with the late Brian North Lee whose focus was on royal bookplates. After his death the Lee collection was sold at auction in England. Brian had a distinctive way of displaying bookplates. He mounted them on graph paper. I mention this because several weeks ago the Pope's bookplate I had exchanged with Brian was offered on Ebay and I was the high bidder. So there you have a small slice of a papal pilgrimage , from Manhattan to Hillsdale, New York, to Philadelphia , to Barrowgate Road in Chiswick and back to Philadelphia.
See you next week.
Update 3/9/2009

If you plan to be in New York City this Friday or Saturday (3/14 -15) here is a link to an ephemera seminar that may interest you.

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