Sunday, September 13, 2009

What Do Jackie Kennedy & Anthony Quinn Have in Common ?

Here is a link to a Paul Klee bookplate which I had never seen before.
If you have very , very deep pockets it is also being offered on Ebay ( not by me) with a starting price of $2004.48. I want to thank Dave Dubé for sending me this information. His blog is

Wallace Reid was a silent movie star who designed his own bookplate. Four of the five celebrity bookplates in this posting were designed by their owner's. The one exception is Paulette Goddard whose husband (at the time) Charlie Chaplin designed her bookplate.

Here are a few more bookplates with maps to add to last weeks posting.

William Emil Belanske was a watercolor artist and curator for the William K. Vanderbilt II collection.

The Sanford Bookplate has a rubber stamp mark from the recently closed Acres of Books in California.
One last thing: If you decided not to bid on the Paul Klee Bookplate you may still be interested in some of the bookplates I have listed on Ebay.
Here is a link :
See you next week.

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Exlibris 1914 Bernard Berg

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