Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning.

William Hammatt Simmons (1884-1949) did at least 20 bookplates. Here are two examples.

The Henry F. Nutt punning plate is by Samuel Hollyer. For more examples of his bookplates click on the link near the bottom of this posting.

Sara Eugenia Blake (1886-1973) was the librarian at the Tufts University Medical school and a very talented bookplate designer. She did over 120 bookplates, mostly etched . Surprisingly no one has written a book about her.

I must have called on over 10,000 customers during 40+ years of selling and am hard pressed to recall the names and faces more than two dozen clients. At the same time I purchased and traded thousands of bookplates and can tell you where I got 80% of them.

There is something therapeutic about collecting . At the most stressful times I can open an album of bookplates and be transported to a blissful state very quickly.

Yesterday fellow bookplate collector and author John Titford mentioned that

" if you take a look at my surname dictionary, (Searching For Surnames) you'll see that HOLLIER/HOLLYER was a whore monger/brothel keeper! The female equivalent was a HOLLISTER."

This was a timely bit of information since I was going to include this link about Samuel Hollyer (1826-1919)

One last thought- If you are in New England and have bookplates for sale or exchange let me hear from you . I will be going to Boston in November.
See you next week.

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