Saturday, October 03, 2009

Herman F. Hager's Bookplates

I have seen the artist's name spelled Haeger in two publications but I believe Hager is the correct spelling.
11/4/09 Update from fellow collector Jim Lewis "Just read your weekly blog. Hager, properly spelled in German, no doubt had an umlaut ¨ over the a, which was pronounced like ae, so without the umlaut the it was spelled Haeger - thus the two different spellings."

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Herman F. Hager was a die maker whose shop (in 1915) was located at 105 Sanford St. in Detroit. He seems to like punning plates like this one for Anna F. Rose and the one for Carolyn Key

His HH cipher is easily recognized. If you find some in your collection send a scan to and it will be added to this posting.

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These two scans were sent by Gabe Konrad of Bay Leaf Books

Decorative endpapers showing "a selection of Detroit library bookplates, 1817-1964" from Parnassus on Main Street: A History of the Detroit Public Library (Wayne State University Press, 1965).

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Detroit like my adopted hometown of Philadelphia is the butt of many jokes but if all goes according to schedule I plan to spend a week in Detroit next May.
The Fellowship of American Bibliophilic Societies is preparing an exceptional five day event in Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan.
You can get further details from Joan Knoertzer at + 734 668 6815

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See you next week

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