Saturday, February 27, 2010

Baldwin's Book Barn/The end of an Era

In 2006 I wrote about my favorite bookstores.Here is a link to that posting.

Most of the stores mentioned are alive and well .Tom Boss is now located in Salem ,Mass, and Applefeld in New York City closed its doors after Mr. Applefeld died. All too frequently.Bookstores  cease to exist when the owner dies or retires.

 It was with great sadness that I recently  learned that Baldwin's Book Barn Is Up For Sale.
If you are unfamiliar with Baldwins picture this: A five story stone barn built in 1822 sitting on 5+ acres of land in the BrandywineValley . The barn is filled with over three hundred thousand used and antiquarian books.
In this economy it is highly unlikely that the bookstore will be sold to another bookseller .Chances are the bookstore will be a fond memory replaced by luxury housing .
Perhaps this bookstore obituary is premature but I strongly suggest you visit the store while it is alive.
Here is a link:

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