Monday, March 08, 2010

Treasures From The Washington Book Show

Here are a few of the items purchased at the Washington book show .The Art Nouveau Renate plate is hand colored. Does anyone recognize the artist's cipher?
Richard Schimmelpfeng Just sent me the information requested.
Lew, the Renate plate is by Armin von Folkersam, 1861-1917. The "o" has an umlaut, i.e. Foelkersam.
On impulse I purchased this1920's direct mail flyer for  Davies Super Dry Cleaning in Evanston Illinois.

The Fisher rebus caliing card is from the 1890's
This is another mystery plate .Does anyone recognize it?

See you next Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, The AF is definitely (Magnus Conrad) Armin Baron von Foelkersahm, the three quarters wheel is their signia, part of their coat of arms.

He Was born on 4th of April, 1861 in Riga (then part of Russia,today in Latvia) and died after revolution in Finland, which just had declared independence, in December 1917.

He was director of the Hermitage museum 1909-1915.

He made about 130 exlibris, many for the Romanovs.

This one is for daughter Renate (1889-?) zincography (?), made in 1902.

Svetlan Piilman and Veniamin Khudoley made a publication of Armin Baron von F(oe)lkersam in 2006 just before prof. Khudoley died. It is in Russian, with short summaries both in English and German. It is illustrated but this one is not among the pictures.

The story of Foelkersams continued in WWII with a certain Adrian von Foelkersam...

Olli Ylonen