Friday, July 02, 2010

This Week in Bookplates July 4th Weekend 2010

Here are five etched mystery bookplates by Paul H. Smith of Boston.They belong to Tom Boss. He would be most appreciative if any of you out there have other examples by Paul Smith or biographical information to share. Tom can be reached
If you are looking for bookplates to start or add to your collection Tom is an excellent resource.
Here is a link to his website

I have been contacting artists who were associated with the Antioch Bookplate Company and gathering information which I hope to post on the blog in several weeks. Tom Boss also sent me this 1943 directory of bookplate artists published by The Antioch Bookplate Company.This is an all inclusive directory . Many of those listed were not directly connected with Antioch which is why it is such an useful reference. I have found several artists listed ,whose bookplates I own and for whom I had not been able to find any information .

Click Twice on The Images to Enlarge

Click Twice On The Images To Enlarge

Click On The Images to Enlarge Long before face book , Ipads, smart phones, the X Box and television there was another
after school diversion, RADIO. One of the many radio shows I listened to was Can You Top This

The way the show worked was that the moderator told a joke and the panelists tried to tell a funnier joke about the same subject. The laughter was measured by an applause meter.

Here is a link to The Radio Hall of Fame with more information about the show:

One of the panelists was Joe Laurie Jr. and true to form he created a comical bookplate.

Next week's posting will be about Arthur Szyk.

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