Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bookplate Exchanges, Judaica Bookplates

I found the 2005 pie chart below fascinating.

If you accept my estimate that there are no more than than 200 bookplate collectors in the U.S and maybe 1,500 in the entire world you can see why it is challenging to find other collectors who are interested in exchanging Judaica bookplates. It is a niche within a niche

Having said that I recently sold three different Judaica bookplates on Ebay. One went to China,one to Poland and one to Russia. There are collectors of Judaica ExLibris scattered around the globe . I hope this listing of my duplicate Judaica bookplates will reach some of them
and that we can exchange duplicates.
Lew Jaffe

The plate below has a peel off backing. It was designed by fellow collector Bernard Goldblum's son David.

The plate below was designed by H.Schwarz

George E. Sokolsky was a conservative columnist who lived in China for many years.

The plate below was designed ny James Hayes

Robert Henry Pfeiffer was a Hebrew teacher at Harvard

The plate below was engraved by J.B. Abrahams

Benno Lewinson was a New York City attorney and a trustee of City College

The plate below was designed by A. Fastove

The plate below was designed by A. Rappaport

The plate below came in many colors and sizes.This one is printed with silver ink. The scanner does not reproduce it very well.

The plate below was designed by J. Jackson

The plate below was designed by Albertine Randall Wheelan

The plate below was designed by Ismael Smith

The plate below was designed by Leonid Kuris

I have been in touch with several more artists who worked at The Antioch Bookplate Company and they in turn have referred me to some of their former colleagues. Some scans have already arrived and others are forthcoming.I hope to post something about the Antioch artists in two to three weeks.See you next Sunday.

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