Sunday, February 20, 2011

Five Years and Still Going Strong

Ernest G.Vielehr was an American painter about whom I have not found any biographical information. It is my assumption he designed this bookplate for Ernest Byfield who was a Chicago hotel owner . So what we have right now are assumptions and speculation. It's a start anyhow. I purchased this plate from Tom Boss He has other bookplates for sale by this artist.

2/21/2011-Before the ink had a chance to dry, Suzanne sent me the following biographical information about Ernest George Vielehr. Thank you Suzanne.

Ernest George Vielehr
Born 23 July 1891 or 23 July 1894 in Rochester, NY (he reports different dates on the WW I and WWII )
Draft Registrations)
In 1917 worked for the Commercial Color Type Co., 401 South Clinton St., Chicago, IL
and lived at 9763 Beverly, Chicago, IL; he listed is occupation as “artist”

He was of medium height, stout build and had blue eyes and light brown hair.

He married Anna M. O’Hara on 31 March 1916 in Lake County, Indiana

In 1942 he lived at 7840 Elmgrove Drive, Elmwood Park, Cook Co., IL, and he was employed by
Andrew Wallach Studios, 205 W. Wacker, Chicago, Cook, IL

He is listed in Who Was Who in American Art: 400 Years of Artists in America, Second Edition,
three volumes, edited by Peter Hastings Falk, Madison, CT, published by Sound View Press, 1999

Jennifer Kennard
has a blog about typography, books and printmaking and would like some assistance in learning who designed some Czech bookplates. Here is a link to her blog:

About two years ago (see link below) I wrote about a lovely bookplate designed by Cleonike Damianakes (Wilkins) whose pen name is Cleon.Yesterday I found another bookplate she designed.This one was done for Max and Jean Meyer.

January 2011 was the beginning of my fifth year as a blogger . Here are some readership numbers for my blog (from Sitemeter) . The percentage of U.S. viewers is down slightly and worldwide viewers have increased . China never shows up in these statistics but I know I have many readers on the Chinese mainland. I assume this has to do with Chinese Internet restrictions. On average I get 95 viewers each day and many of them come from Google searches. In addition, I have about 185 weekly subscribers on Feedburner plus 79 Google followers.

Looking forward , I would like to make this a more collaborative project with more guest writers and more collector profiles . Submissions should be sent to

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