Sunday, April 10, 2011

Treasures From Two Shows & One Store 4/8/2011

 Designed by Anthony Euwer.

The Clarise Sears Ramsay plate was engraved by A.W.Sinclair
J.Frank Dobie was an American folklorist and writer
Rockwell Kent changed wives and bookplates frequently.
The Eleanor  Sears Plate was engraved for Mr. D. B. Updike by Alfred James Downey
This hand colored plate was designed by Carl  S.Junge
This is the mystery plate.There is a pencil notation on the verso."American Woman's Assn.  N.Y."The artists initials are LH
Andrew T. Jergins was a California Oilman
Not to be confused with the Diebold people who made the crappy voting machines
On Friday April 8th I went to The A.B.A.A show, the shadow show and the Argosy Book Store.Since some of you may be visiting New York City before next years book shows let me mention that the Argosy Book Shop should be on your list of places to look for bookplates. It is located at 116 East 59th St.
When you go stop at the outside stalls
 That is where I got the John T. Diebold (1926-2005) plate.,He was  a futurist who made accurate predictions about the importance of computers long before most of his colleagues.While there you should go to the print room .They have a large selection of bookplates.In addition, the basement is loaded with many inexpensive books with bookplates of merit..By next Sunday I hope to have found a way to insert live links using this Firefox browser.. See you then.

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Jane Peach said...

I love the John Farson plate - do you have any idea of the date for it?

Your caption on the Rockwell Kent plate made me laugh. I've noticed that tendency in him!