Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Who Is Wang ?

Last Week, Josef Halper of Halper's books in Tel Aviv was visiting his parents in New Jersey
I've asked Yosef to send me a collector profile which I hope to post in a few weeks.

The link below about Josef and his shop is so enjoyable I decided to include it today.

We found time to meet in New Jersey and exchange duplicates.This plate for Wang needs further research.
Who is Wang? Yosef told me that he has only seen books with this plate in Israel.The plate for Norman and Janey Buchan was another one I got from Josef. Finding information about this couple was easy.There are many references about them on the Internet. Norman Findlay Buchan (1922-1990) was a teacher, writer, and a politician.
He wrote a book entitled 101 Scottish Songs and served as member of Parliament in Scotland.
His wife Janey O'Neil Buchan was also active in politics and  Gay rights.

Since most of the book plates Yosef had for exchange came from books in his store I found the diversity fascinating. How did books from a Scottish Gay rights advocate wind up in Israel ?
For some reason it brings to mind a movie I saw years ago entitled ,The Yellow Rolls-Royce

The plate for Augustus William Dellquest was one I forgot to include in last week's posting about California booksellers.Mr. Dellquest's shop was in Los Angeles and his plate was designed by Victor Basinet.
California plates from the Arellanes collection are still being sorted but this memorable one by Will Connell is worthy of early mention. I guess that wraps it up for today. I'll be back again on Sunday.

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