Sunday, September 18, 2011

Google Stats and Clark Gable

Clark Gable like Rockwell Kent changed bookplates as he changed wives
The folks at Google have enabled bloggers like myself to tap into all sorts of analytical data

I can for, instance determine where my audience is located by country (China excluded)

what sites they came from and what word(s) they searched for to arrive at my site

Listed below is an overview of the word search feature for the last three months.

Most of what you see is what you would expect until you get to the last item on the list:

Clark Gable's Grandson
Why have forty people been searching for him and why did they get to me ?

Bookplate 570
Confessions Of A Bookplate Junkie 485
Bookplate Junkie 414
Book Plates 152
Antique Bookplate 83
Book Plate 67
Confessions Of A Bookplatejunkie 46
Clark Gable's Grandson 40

For starters here is what I wrote about Clark Gable in 2008:
"Audrey Arellanes used to live near Hollywood and would come up with remarkable celebrity bookplates for exchanges. From what I recall Clark Gable had a very fine collection of books about fishing. According to Audrey's notes she originally got the Kathleen & Clark plate from Justin Turner ,who was Gable's attorney in the 1960's

Kathleen Gable was originally Clark Gable's dramatic coach.
I got the second Gable plate from James Pepper in Santa Barbara, California. He tends to get celebrity libraries"
If you take the time to look up Clark Gables grandson on Google you will find hundreds of references about his stupidity. He allegedly pointed a laser at an L.A.P.D. Chopper.
Why this is newsworthy is beyond me but I am assuming that many newspapers and bloggers were looking for background information and if they dug deeply enough they got to my site.

Additional Information Received 9/19/2011

First, I want to let you know how much I enjoy and look forward to your weekly newsletters. Coincidently, I found you by conducting a search of "Clark Gable bookplate" on Google being a fan of M. Gable's and bookplates.
Via this search I was able to locate and purchase several books from Mr. Gable's personal library. My first book find being from James Pepper.
I have books with both bookplates examples you displayed that being "Clark Gable" and "Kathleen And Clark Gable". I just wanted to make a correction to something you stated...Kathleen was Clark's fifth and last wife. Kathleen had been an actress in the 40's. Josephine Dillon was his first wife in the 1920's and was his dramatic coach (not Kathleen). And I totally agree, what an act of total stupidity (sadly) by Clark's grandson.
I thought I would take this opportunity to thank you for all the help and information you have given to me in my search or bookplates.
Keep up all your good work. I find each of your newsletters fascinating!!
Pamela Ewing
Important Research Tool
Chronicling America- The folks at the Library Of Congress deserve a standing ovation.They have digitized newspapers from 1836-1922 and the data is searchable by keyword. In other words you can at the click of a button see hundreds of articles about bookplates or Grover Cleveland or whatever topics interest you.
Here is a link to the bookplate search.
See You next Sunday.


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