Friday, October 14, 2011

Ernest W. Oldham Part Three

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Many of the colored wood cuts ( my favorites) are not signed.

The following biographical information about Ernest and Mary Oldham was obtained from The Cornwall Artists website
"At the NAG Exhibition of 1937, Ernest Oldham exhibited Ghosting Home and Departing Shower, Manaccan Cross, two paintings in addition to displays within the Craft section (probably bookplates: not specified). Their bookplates are numerous and designed for many of their fellow artists.
He was married to the painter and bookplate designer Mary OLDHAM, and from family correspondence it seems that the Oldhams lived at the Helford, Helston, Cornwall. A recent image has been shared by Ernest's descendants of a watercolour of Wheal Trewavas and The Lizard (nd). The couple began to exhibit at Newlyn in the 1920s, and remained active until the mid-1950s, when Mrs Oldham was chosen by the Committee to serve the teas at Newlyn Opening Show Days. They are not listed in standard artist indices."

When I originally wrote to Mr Bernard Maker for additional biographical information his response was as follows:
"The reason for the scarcity of information may be that the Oldhams preferred to live and work away from the commercial world of art.
  They lived at Helford village and had a studio there for most of their lives.
Helford, in case you are not familiar with it, is a small sleepy village in a remote part of a county itself quite remote from the more populated parts of Britain.
It is a charming place, once a fishing village, but for the most part of the twentieth century a place for the wealthy , the retired and day visitors.Their customers , I imagine came mostly from these sources."
Well , the Oldham  project is just about completed. If you find any other examples please send scans to  and they will be added to this posting.
On my next posting I will be writing about some unusual bookplates I recently purchased.
See you soon.

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Sue said...

These cornish bookplates are charming, more especially to me as I live in the area depicted. Thanks!