Monday, November 28, 2011

The Miraculous Internet / Mystery Solved

Within hours after I posted my mystery item yesterday several readers responded.

Here is what Craig Harris wrote:


Your mystery object is Tibetan, the script is called Lantsa, and these are used to print monograms which are basically prayers comprised of the seed-syllables of the words of the prayer woven into a single design.

See an example here:

and some more information here, near the end of this document:

Here is what Marilyn Ding wrote:

At the first sight of it, I immediately registered it as a religious sybmol of Tibetan Buddhism.
After searching on the Internet, I guess what I thought was correct. This is supposed to be a wooden print block of a "Kalachakra Tenfold Powerful symbol".
The symbol is a combination of Tibetan alphabets. You can see how it is combined here:
I also found a flash image here:
which may better helps you understand what it is and how it is combined together. 
Thank you for sharing it. I'm a lover of Buddhist art, that in Tibetan Buddhism in particular. For me it is such a coincidence because I'm also interested in bookplates as well. 

I also contacted Tashi Mannox  a calligrapher  whose site is well worth visiting:

Here is part of his response:

Hi Lewis

Yes ,your object could well be from Tibet if not the Himalayan region, they are wood blocks for printing. 

To reverse the image helps to identify the letters, they are a combination of Lantsha Sanskrit letters, the first of which is the Kalachakra monogram flanked either side by the Eh and Vam letters.

Mystery Solved. Thank you all.

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