Thursday, February 23, 2012

Arnold A Robert , Boston Engraver

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I had a nice bit of free publicity on the Missouri Review Blog.One of the questions asked was about my philosophy in writing this blog . I was at a loss to give a coherent answer at the time but the question did trigger some afterthoughts.
In the coming weeks I plan to feature   talented  bookplate engravers about whom very little is known  .The first will be Arnold A. Robert (AAR) He was active in the early twentieth century.
I hope to use the  posting as a clearing house so that as information is can be added .


Scan of Belfast Free Library Sent by Richard Schimmelpfeng

Submitted by Richard Schimmelpfeng

If you have any information about Arnold A. Robert or bookplates by him not shown above a scan would be appreciated.

2/24/2012  Instead of restating all the information in a new posting I will use this page as my central clearinghouse for new information.. My reference books have virtually no information about this engraver..In searching Google books I came up with an obituary notice in The Jewelers Circular  Vol.83 issue 2 page 81  "Boston Mass Dec10(1921) -Arnold A. Robert one of Boston's old time jewelers died at his home in Roslindale yesterday after a brief illness of heart disease .
 He was born in Switzerland and for many years was engaged in the manufacture of gold watch cases."

This may be the man about whom so little is written in the bookplate literature. Bookplates were a sideline that he may have engraved for friends and customers.For the moment this is the best lead I have and I will try to follow-up on it.


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