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This week in bookplates 2/5/2012

The designer of this attractive physician's bookplate was identified by fellow collector Richard Schimmelpfeng .  .Thank you Richard.
"Alice Greinwald-Clarus was born in Leipzig Germany in 1887. From the name I think she was born a Greinwald and married a Mr Clarus, I don't know her death date. She was also known more frequently as Alice Clarus.  From what I could see I think the bookplate is a three block woodcut, each color being a separate block. "
I searched for other bookplates by Alice Clarus and found none but I did find a poster stamp she designed.

Rebecca Molton , a volunteer at The Cleveland Museum of Natural History was kind enough to scan some bookplates from the library of John Lewis Childs.  I wrote about John Lewis Child's unique bookplates in 2010. 
Here is a link to that posting:

Thank you Rebecca

2/7/2012      From Justin Green
My strong hunch is that there must be duplicates of all of these
wonderful bird plates. At close inspection, there are little bleeding
edges and juxtapositions over the border design. The brush work is
deft, but the colors are somewhat formulaic. It's a kind of tole
painting that allows for quick pattern making in a multiple edition.
possibly with the aid of a light box. It would be interesting to see
the slight difference of color application between dupes--that would
tell the whole story."

The Washington(D.C.) Antiquarian Book fair will be opening on Friday March 2nd
I will be attending and am also tentatively scheduled to visit Richmond Virginia. If you are in the Washington , Richmond Va. area and have bookplates for sale or exchange please contact me.

See you next Sunday.

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