Sunday, March 11, 2012

Song Broadsides

Yesterday my daughter(Moira) ,  my son in law (Steven) and grandson #2 (Jack) came to visit us. .
 We all  went to a local flea market where Jack (almost 2 years old) made his first flea market purchase (a lunch box).There were no bookplates for sale ;however, I did  find a  song broadside.

Song broadsides were a common and inexpensive medium through which popular songs were commercially disseminated in the late 19th century.They are also called song sheets or slip ballads..Typically they were  single 6 inch by 9 inch single sheets with a song's lyrics printed within a decorative border.I now have five of them in my small collection and none are in pristine condition.

"Babylon Is Fallen!" (1863)
Words and Music by Henry Clay Work

Don't you see de black clouds
Risin' ober yonder,
Whar de Massa's old plantation am?
Neber you be frightened,
Dem is only darkies,
Come to jine an' fight for Uncle Sam,

Look out dar, now!
We's agwine to shoot!
Look out dar, don't you understand?
(Oh, don't you know dat)
Babylon is fallen!
Babylon is fallen!
An' we's agwine to occupy the land.

Don't you see the lightnin'
Flashin' in de canebrake,
Like as if we's gwine to hab a storm?
No! You is mistaken,
'Tis darkies' bay'nets,
An' de buttons on dar uniform. (Chorus)

Way up in the cornfield,
Whar you hear de tunder,
Dat is our ole forty-pounder gun;
When the shells are missin',
Den we load wid punkins,
All de same to make the cowards run. (Chorus)

Mass was de Kernel
In de Rebel army,
Eber sence he went an' run away;
But his lubly darkies,
Dey has been a-watchin',
An' dey take him pris'ner tudder day. (Chorus)

We will be be the Massa,
He will be the sarvant,
Try him how he like it for a spell;
So we crack de Butt'nuts,
So we take the Kernel,
So the cannon carry back de shell. (Chorus)

Here is a searchable and informative database about Song Broadsides.
The Kenneth S. Goldstein collection at Middle Tennesee State University

This is what I call a lazy day.I plan to continue
reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.put some recently purchased bookplates in albums and visit another flea maket.. Tomorrow, I will get back on track and write about bookplates.

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