Monday, March 12, 2012

This Week in Bookplates 3/12/2012

The University of British Columbia has digitized their bookplate collection. I selected the FCV Lane bookplate from their site. Here is a link:

The bookplate shown below was sent to me by Maureen E. Mulvihill .
For a handy list of her recent credits, and for a feature on the Mulvihill Collection, see:

If you use a bookplate  please send a scan to so that it can included in a future  blog posting.

This link is overwhelming and probably should be bookmarked .The Online Archive of California lists
239 different bookplate references including a number of  unusual bookplate collections.

Matt Mundell is experimenting with a holographic bookplate for his E Books.

Lee Kirk  sent me this link about a Michael Fingesten exhibit.

Since one good turn deserves another here is a link to Lee Kirk's site:

I will back on Sunday. See you then.

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MHR said...

I'll scan bookplates when I see them in the future, and send them to you!I was thinking of actually mailing them to you, but e-mailing jpgs is better, isn't it!