Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Herd of Rabbits , Part 2

Judging by the number of  Emails I have received thus far Rabbits seem to be universally loved
(.except for Mitt Romney.)

So let's continue..

Woodcut by Andy English

Buchanin Winthrop's Bookplate depicts a Hare.


A Bookplate From Mexico

 Richard Adams wrote Watership Down

Alice in Wonderland

Plate Below etched by Elly De Koster

Bookplate for Mary Alice Ercolini

Some Rabbit and Bunny Ephemera

New Years Card from Frederick Starr to Bela Landauer 

Easter Greetings From John Wanamaker dated 1918

 Bookmark ( circa 1980) and delightful book of Bunny cartoons by Charles Bordin, of Philadelphia.

If you want to add your own rabbits, bunnies and hares to this posing send Jpegs to Bookplatemaven@hotmail.com
See you on Sunday.

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skiourophile said...

I'm so enjoying the rabbits - thank you!