Saturday, October 06, 2012

Threats and Warnings on Bookplates-Part Two

If you have additional bookplates with threats and warnings please send me scans and they will be added to this posting.

Pierre Paul Plane (1870-1951)

Tiffany Thayer (1902-1959)

John Simpson- an English bookplate collector whose collection

was sold at Bonhams in 2005


 A dramatic black-and-white woodcut engraving, within a 1-inch margin, of a man hanging on a gibbet with a towering cloud over sharply peaked roofs in the background & an upturned face in the foreground. The image is headed "Borrower Beware" with "From the Crime Library of John Kobler" printed below. The signature "CS" appears in the plate. The margins of the bookplate are somewhat soiled, else very good. John Kobler worked for various news organizations as a reporter before editing the crime reportage of PM, a 1940s New York tabloid. In World War II he was a civilian intelligence officer posted to North Africa, Italy and France. He returned to freelance for The New Yorker, Colliers, Vanity Fair and The Saturday Evening Post. His first book, published in 1938, was "The Trial of Ruth Snyder and Judd Gray" about a notorious 1927 murder case. "Some Like It Gory" [1940] and "Afternoon in the Attic" [1950] were collections of essays about bizarre crimes and creepy characters. His best-known book was "Capone: The Life and World of Al Capone", a biography published in 1971 and reissued in 1992

Rockwell Kent- designed this plate for The Antioch Bookplate Co. (style 7Y52)

New York State

This label  below was pasted in a book I purchased on Ebay.
 I wonder if this law is still on the books ?


G.H. Newton of Uxbridge Road , beware.

A  customer who does not forgive nor forget

Richard G. Wilson-

Is a renaissance man with many talents and interests. I hope to write more about him in a future blog posting. The three computer assisted designs shown below were crafted with public domain illustrations

Image shown above was originally designed by Alexander Anderson


See you next Sunday.

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