Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Humorous Bookplate Contest Has Begun

I have not had a contest for quite some time so I am delighted to announce that the humorous bookplate contest has begun and will continue until February 13th.

Please submit one bookplate from your own collection. I am not expecting many entries because humorous bookplates are atypical.  That works in your favor if you have a humorous bookplate to submit..

Send a scan of your  entry to

At the end of the contest the judges ( Mary & Lew Jaffe) will select the winner. .

The winner will receive an inscribed  hardbound copy of all blog postings for 2012

Here are a few humorous bookplates from my own collection:

The owner Mr. Pacheco is a magician

First Entry for the contest just received.
Sent by Vladimir Vereschagin

1/14/2013-Entry #2 Submitted by Nina Allen

"What fun! Here is my submission to your humorous bookplate contest.
I'm doing this early so that I don't forget about it. I have no idea
who created this bookplate because I can't make out the signature.
However, it looks to be dated 1920 in the plate at the bottom"

Comment from Richard Schimmelpfeng
"Lew: the monogram is that of Willi Kadletz, b. 1895. One source says Austrian, another says German - take your Pick. I like it."

Entry #3 Submitted by John Blatchly 1/14/2013
James Cormick is an Iran scholar at Cambridge.

Entry # 4 Submitted by Muriel Frega

1/15/2013  Just Received the following note from Tom Boss. 

"Dear Lew,

     This is not an entry to your contest. 

It is a very humorous pencil signed proof  by Samuel Hollyer from my inventory.
The cost is $ 50.00 plus postage (subject to prior sale)
Best Regards,
Tom "

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