Sunday, January 20, 2013

This Week In Bookplatess 1/20/2013

The Humorous Bookplate contest got off to a good start and will continue until February 13th.

Please submit one bookplate from your own collection. I am not expecting many entries because humorous bookplates are atypical.  That works in your favor if you have a humorous bookplate to submit..

Send a scan of your  entry to

At the end of the contest the judges ( Mary & Lew Jaffe) will select the winner. .

The winner will receive an inscribed  hardbound copy of all blog postings for 2012

First Entry for the contest 
Sent by Vladimir Vereschagin

1/14/2013-Entry #2 Submitted by Nina Allen

"What fun! Here is my submission to your humorous bookplate contest.
I'm doing this early so that I don't forget about it. I have no idea
who created this bookplate because I can't make out the signature.
However, it looks to be dated 1920 in the plate at the bottom"

Comment from Richard Schimmelpfeng
"Lew: the monogram is that of Willi Kadletz, b. 1895. One source says Austrian, another says German - take your Pick. I like it."

Entry #3 Submitted by John Blatchly 1/14/2013
James Cormick is an Iran scholar at Cambridge.

Entry # 4 Submitted by Muriel Frega

Entry # 5 Submitted by T.Wixon

Building A collection

I was recently contacted by a new enthusiast who was interested in starting a bookplate collection which focuses on the bookplates used by notable book collectors. I suggested that he begin the project by obtaining a copy of Dictionary of American Book Collectors by Donald C. Dickinson. Mr. Dickinson presents biographical information on 359 significant American book collectors who died before December 31, 1984,
Using the Dickinson book as a foundation I suggested and obtained the following bookplates for him:

Edward Hale Bierstadt
Cortlandt Field Bishop
Beverly Chew
E.D. Church
James William Ellsworth
Samuel W. Lambert
Paul Lemperly
J.P. Morgan
George Barr McCutcheon
Wilbur Macey Stone
Harry Bache Smith

A few of the collectors shown above had multiple bookplates .
 Many of the plates were engraved by E.D. French.
Some of the most notable collectors used leather bookplates . They are without a doubt elegant but they eventually damage the pages they touch .

 I look forward to assisting  the client and will update this posting as more bookplates are obtained..

Two Mystery Bookplates

Can anyone out there assist me in identifying the owners who used or the artists who designed these bookplates ? The  artist's cipher on the mystical plate on the right looks  ZIA or ZIM

See you again next Sunday.

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