Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bookish Ephemera

My Ebay listings ended successfully and over fifty percent of the sales were from outside the U.S.
Buyers from China  and Saudi Arabia were particularly active.
I  have thousands of duplicates from around the world for possible Exchange or Sale so send me your want lists

Here are a two duplicates for possible exchange.
The first is from the library of a lawyer interested in fox hunting and music and the second one is by Mark Severin

Issue # 10 of Counter Print arrived last week and much of it is devoted to bookish ephemera.

Each of the articles is well illustrated.
There is a six page  article by Tim Sumner about book bags

A four page article by Keld Bech about Frederikshavn Kunstmuseum

A four page  article about ephemera found in books by Michael Popek

A four page article I wrote about bookplates

Last but not least a four page article by Greg Kindall about bookseller and book  binder's trade labels

You can order a copy at

Here is something I picked up recently for my bookish ephemera collection

Here are some aluminum advertising book marks from my bookish ephemera collection.
 I assume they were used in the early 20th century.

More Bookish ephemera

If you send me scans of bookish ephemera from your own collection I will add them to this blog posting.

See you again next Sunday

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