Sunday, June 23, 2013

More About Exchanges and Israeli Bookseller Labels

On Monday June 17th Fellow collector Yosef Halper    came   to the states for his semi -annual  family visit.. He took a side trip to Philadelphia and we traded duplicates. Here is one of the items  I got from him.
The link below is about his store in TelAviv

Unless Inspector Porter received a multi volume set of books there are no other copies of this leather bookplate.
Inspector Porter is mentioned in the link shown below.


I remember a movie called The Yellow Rolls Royce in which the ownership of a car is traced from generation to generation. Inspector Porter's bookplate started its journey in Victorian England and somehow  got to Israel . Now it's here in Philadelphia..If only the book it was originally pasted in could talk I suspect it would tell a remarkable story.  Books with the bookplates used by successive owners do just that.
They talk to those willing to listen, about a book's journey.

Another thing I like is bookseller labels. Here is group of Israeli labels which  Yosef brought along for exchange
Speaking of bookseller labels, I recently added Gabe Konrad's website to my blogroll.

From Gabe Konrad's Website
Pictured below is a beautiful label from Universitas Booksellers in Jerusalem.  This is a large label—truly bookplate size at 7 cm by 12 cm.  Until recently I would have sworn this was designed by Reynolds Stone, but in fact it was designed by Ismar David (1919-1996).  David was a German-born graphic artist who lived in Palestine from 1932 until 1952.  In ’52 David moved to New York where he remained until his death."

This is one of my favorite bookplates. I think the artist was Mary Waterman Bonsall but I can't say that with certainty

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