Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Bookplate Odds and Ends

Mystery Bookplate Sketch
     I was looking for something and opened one of  many boxes we put into a closet about forty years ago.
It looks like something I might have purchased and just forgot about ..A quick Google search showed a Dr.
Lynval E. Davidson whose collection of fine press books was sold at auction in 1969.Perhaps this sketch was done for him. Any information you have about the bookplate or the artist would be appreciated

Larry Nix at the Library History  Buff has written about the bookplate of Hiram Deats

Eleanor Sears, beautiful engraving by A,.J. Downey
Lower right outside corner was torn and repaired
 One of the items I put on Ebay
My seller name is bookplatemaven

Walker, I don’t know anything about the owner.
It looks like one arrow has already hit him in the back  (another of the items I listed  on Ebay).

This is an interesting item I no longer have.
Someone took a trade card from the 1890’s cut it down to about 3 in. square and pasted a pen and ink book drawing into the infants hand.
Perhaps it was done by Mr. Bare or perhaps it was done by someone named Lang.

Another unknown is whether this mock up was a proof or whether Mr. Bare created individual clever bookplates for his books.

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