Sunday, July 21, 2013

Two Bookplate Artists: John Hudson Elwell and Daniel Mitsui

John Hudson Elwell

Back in 2008 I mentioned John Hudson Elwell , a very talented engraver about whom I had very little information.

A calling card engraved by John Hudson Elwell in 1918 ,while employed by the W.H. Brett Co. of Boston. 

Several months ago I was delighted to receive  this link about Mr. Elwell from  fellow collector Anthony Pincott .

If you click on to the link you will find biographical  information  about the engraver along with a checklist of the 55 known bookplates he engraved... The  website also is a tribute to Robert Strong Woodward (1885-1957)
a western Massachusetts artist  who designed some of the nicest bookplates engraved by Mr. Elwell.

                                              Two Plates Engraved by John Hudson Elwell


Daniel Mitsui

  Several readers have inquired about a source for affordable tastefully designed bookplates . I am pleased to mention that Daniel Mitsui has recently issued eight different  universal bookplates.

They are six dollars for a package of 10 or 45 dollars for a package of 100 (plus shipping)

Here are two examples:

You Can see all eight designs by following this link:

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