Sunday, July 07, 2013

Bookplates For Exchange

I have not received any collector profiles for a while and hope a few more of you will participate.
The format is quite simple.Send me a few paragraphs about yourself and your collection along with some scans of your favorite bookplates.If English is not your first language I will assist you with the words and any suggested changes will be sent to you for approval before publishing.

Here are a few randomly selected examples of collector profiles.

    I confess, I  am a lapsed Luddite.
About three years ago my children purchased  a video camera for me and set up a Skype account.
My first Skype conversation occurred on a Sunday morning when the kids and grand kids called while I was sitting in front of the camera in my pajamas  .working on the blog.
My visceral reaction was that Skype is  very intrusive and an invasion of my privacy.
 I did what any devout Luddite would do, I pulled the plug.
Lately, I have begun to experiment with Skype and have had pleasant video conversations with collectors in England and Germany. Skype has great potential for bookplate exchanges.

Bookplates For Possible Exchange

 Exchanges are a simple way to add to your collection
.I have scanned a number of duplicates for possible exchange.
None of  them are larger than 2 1/2 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches high.
Click On The Images  To Enlarge

George W.Alexander was the mayor of Los Angeles in 1912.
The artist's initials are H G B

William Hensel's bookplate was designed by David McNeely Stauffer

Elizabeth D. Pope was a science fiction collector in Utah

Harold F. Pitcairn was an aviation pioneer

Harold May Elwood's bookplate was designed by Harvey Ellis in 1898

C.B. Farwell's plate was engraved by The Western Banknote and Engraving Co.
C. B. Farwell was a New England-descendant Chicago family man, businessman, political leader, and philanthropist who helped to found the town of Lake Forest in 1856-57 and then to relaunch the Collegiate Department of Lake Forest University in the 1870s. He was the institution's largest benefactor in the 19th C., contributing ca. $300,000 (in the era when Rockefeller initially founded the University of Chicago with $1 million).

Marguerite Hope Bennett's plate was designed by Dean Babcock of Denver Colorado

Richard H. Lawrence was a member of the Grolier Club.His engraved and embossed bookplate
did not scan well ..It is very delicate.and quite lovely.

Henry Hutton  Landon's plate pretty much tells you everything you need to know about his background.and interests.
Hugh and Margaret Eaton were bookplate designers .This was an early bookplate they used in their own books.The plate has a few repaired tears and a small part of the upper right corner is missing.

George May Elwood's plate was designed by Harvey Ellis in 1898

The plate for Mr and Mrs Stevens was engraved in 1929 by HF (The artist's initials are tiny and difficult to read even with magnifying glass)

Hyder Edward Rollins plate was done by Rudolph Ruzicka

Neil Elliott's plate was done by Leonard Baskin

Florence Bronson Windom's plate was also done by Rudolph Ruzicka

Harold Murdock's plate was done by Amy M Sackler and is illustrated on page 119 in
American Bookplate  byWilliam E. Butler

E.B.D. used a Roycrofrt bookplate

De Robert Sonnenschein's plate was engraved by J.W.Jameson  in 1937

That about wraps it up for today
.See you next Sunday..

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