Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Useful Angling Link, Daniel B. Fearing Collection

Fellow collector David Kolstad  sent me this link with images of  Angling bookplates in the Daniel B. Fearing  Collection  at the Houghton Library.

 When you click on the link you may be surprised to find that you  currently have some of the plates but never realized they related to fishing.
Here is an an example ( In my mind it is still a boxing plate ).
The description  in
A Catalogue of The Angling Bookates forming the collection of Daniel B. Fearing
Newport, R.I is as follows :

141 Harry , Arthur James
"Process,Signed J.T. W.  3 15/16 x3
Welsh.Pictorial.A disjointed rod, landing net and creel.
Motto:Pawb yn ei arfau( (everyone to his taste)
a Black, on cream-colored paper
b Rose, on white paper  "


Anthony Pincott just sent the following information:

Dear Lew

Tom Lloyd identifies the artist of your boxing bookplate as James Thomas Watts RCA, RBSA  (British, Birmingham 1850-1930 Liverpool). It seems that as a painter he confined himself to woodland scenes. He was not born in 1853 as given in several places on the internet. Add to this that Harry A. James wrote  A Professional Pugilist (illustrated by Kenneth M Skeaping who did a few bookplates) Leadenhall Press, 1894, and you have a bit more to add to your blog

I'll be back  tomorrow with another excellent link. This one will keep you occupied until I return.

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