Thursday, October 03, 2013

Email From England

 I Received the following  message this morning from Anthony Pincott in England

Dear Lew,
     I  was cursing earlier this week at UK post offices going on strike for a day.  Now there is a large republic in chaos, resulting in this sort of nonsense:

So will you wish to reassure readers of your blog by something comforting along the following lines ?

That argument continues about early American book labels, so maybe Samuel Phillips deserves mention in your blog if not already covered.
Or at least a link. He doesn’t appear in Appendix A to Brian North  Lee’s Early Printed Book Labels.

Here is the cover image and table of contents for the next issue of The Bookplate Journal (currently with the printer, for mailing end-October).

 Non-members of The Bookplate Society in the US will from
November be able to obtain copies of the latest issue of The Bookplate Journal from The Colophon Book Shop of Exeter, NH,

Note From Lew : For those of you who wish to join The Bookplate Society follow this link:

See You on Sunday.

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