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The bookplates and name labels of Leonard Baskin

Compiling a checklist of bookplates by Leonard Baskin is challenging for a variety of reasons.
I am indebted to James M.Goode and Alan Fern for collaborating on the initial checklist to which I have added  additional items of my own  and from the Tom Boss collection.
The Complete Prints of Leonard Baskin, a catalogue Raisonne,1948-1983  by Alan Fern and Judith O'Sullivan is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Leonard Baskin.
I know of  no comprehensive listing of bookplates and book labels done after 1983.
 Leonard Baskin was a compulsive buyer of books and ephemera .He often offered to pay for merchandise by designing a bookplate or print.
This was case with the bookplates  for Robin Halways.and Thomas Boss,
These impromptu transactions are often hard to track.
In addition, Mr.Baskin lived in England for several years and some of the bookplates he did while living there
are  still unknown.

This is a work in progress.. There are bound to be errors and omissions. I need your help with
 scanned images to fill in the gaps.  You can  also assist me by sending  scans of items omitted from this checklist .   

Your help is appreciated.

Lew Jaffe

  OWNER                                             FERN #

Seymour Adelman                                                #561

Rabbi Bernard Baskin

L&LB Leeds-     In 1984, the Baskins returned to the US to live in Leeds in Massachusetts

 Esther and Leonard Baskin, 1950                        #79

 Esther and Leonard Baskin , 1959                       #384
Leonard Baskin                                                     #226
David P. Becker

 Esther Sagalyn Bick
M.W. Bick,M.D. 1958                                        #318
 Louis W. Black, 1959                                         #387

Thomas G. Boss (Two Varieties)

 Louis P. Cabot    (Three bookplates)

Henry Coger, Ashley Falls

Richard C. Dick, 1952                                         #165
Neil Elliott  (Same image as #226)  

Molly and Bill Esty ,1952                                     #164
Circle Players Theatre Library, Forbes Library

Fort Hill (two varieties) Baskin’s home

Richard Barksdale Harwell

Robin Halwas( In Several sizes and colors)

Julius S. Held

Patricia Milne Henderson

Amy and Robert Hughes

S.K., 1953                                                           #219
Max Kahn,1954                                                   #252

Dorothy King,1959                                              #383
Lurley Manor

Abe Lerner

Samuel D. Lockshin, 1954                                    #245

Anthony MacFarlane

Janet and James Marqusee

Frederick Cleveland Mitchell, 1959                       #385

Bibliotheca Niceliensis

Alex Page, 1959                                               #381

Wyman Parker

Russell Sage College Library
Bennett and Doris Schiff, 1953                              #220
Cynthia and Paul Seaton,1959                               #382
Arnold Paul Silverman

Smith College Library

Smith Glass and Mirror-                        #389
 More research needed- This may not be a bookplate

2/24/2014- A reader who wishes to be anonymous sent the following information:

Dear Mr Jaffe,
I enjoyed your recent post about Leonard Baskin’s bookplates.
With regard to the following item:
Smith Glass and Mirror-#389
You are correct: It was not a bookplate. It was a label that went on the backs of mirrors and framed pieces prepared at Smith Glass. Warwick Press published a book about them: Smitty’s Cocks

Taft School Library

Temple Emanuel Library -
  After searching on Google I found about twenty different places of worship with that name. Does anyone out there know which Temple Emanuel used this bookplate ?

2/20/2014- Update from fellow collector Bernard Goldblum,
The Temple Emanuel in question is at Worcester Massachusetts.

Louis and Julia Wasserman
Wesleyan University Library

Laurence Witten

Worcester public Library, Sax Collection,1952
Yale University Library,The Gehenna Press Collection

Unknown Owner

So there you have it..
 This is only the beginning.I will be adding new information and scans as they are received.

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