Friday, July 11, 2014

Two Hours at the Book Trader

Yesterday I visited a local Philadelphia bookshop, The Book Trader. They have been in Philadelphia for over thirty years and it's always nice to see a bookseller survive and prosper.
  I have only gotten a few bookplates there but hope springs eternal..
The trip as it turns out was productive..  Here is what I found:
I believe the bookplate was done by silkscreen. The owner lived in Moorestown New Jersey .
The artist was A. G. Hull a cartographer also from Moorestown New Jersey.
Any additional biographical information about the owner or the artist would be most welcome.

The second bookplate was for Oscar F. Roller an early 20th century lithographer in Philadelphia

I contacted David Doret , a  knowledgeable lithographic collector and he  referred me to
  Philadelphia on Stone Biographical Dictionary, Library Company of Philadelphia, 
.The search did not unearth any information about Mr Roller but the database is an excellent resource so here is a link:

I'll be back on Sunday . See you soon.

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