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This Week in Bookplates July 27th 2014

World's coolest bookstores

By Frances Cha, CNN
July 24, 2014 -- Updated 2042 GMT (0442 HKT)
 Note from Lew
I have only been to two of the stores listed  ,John King in Detroit and The Strand  in New York City .
If you have visited some of the other shops mentioned your comments and recollections would be most welcome..
 Have you been to any amazing bookstores that are not on this list?  
Send all inquiries and comments to

7/29/2014 Responses sent by Blog Readers

From Kate Doordan Klavan

I'm lucky enough to have spent time in Portland, New York and London...lived in the last I've whiled away many happy hours at Strand, Foyles and Powell's. While it's not as big as those 3 giants, there is a quite large bookstore in Salt Lake City, Utah, that would repay a visitor for a few hours of browsing: Sam Weller's. In fact, Salt Lake City has another (also) wonderful second hand bookstore called after its founder, Ken Sanders. Of course, there's also Moe's in Berkeley and just down the street another bookstore called Shakespeare. Many years ago when I lived in rural Pennsylvania, I loved spending time at Baldwin's Book Barn outside Westchester. When I used to travel, I always devoured the Yellow Pages for second hand bookstores wherever I was, which I guess dates me! But I've found wonderful, select smaller shops from Birmingham, Alabama, to Boise, Idaho, to Boston and Denver and Butte, Montana. Back to England for a moment--Blackwell's in Oxford is a truly wonderful experience.
Enjoyed reading about the international CNN list...Thanks,

From Jane Peach

I’ve been to Powell’s Books many times.  Every visit to Portland has to allow for at least two trips to Powell’s. There are still parts of it I’ve never set foot in, a bookstore with maps for you to pick up at the front door is daunting to even the most determined visiting bibliophile.  Despite its vast size it still has that cozy used bookstore feeling that suggests books are more than just a commodity there. 
I’d like to visit some of the others on that list – The Strand & Foyle’s for their history alone. 
I always enjoy your posts, it’s a very pleasant part of my Sunday morning routine

Bookplate Exchanges

This cartoon from The New Yorker seemed appropriate. 

Here are a few bookplates for possible exchange.

 Send scans of  your duplicates to

Engraved plate by W.P. Barrett

Polo Players Artist unknown
Carlyle Baer was for many years the director of The American Society of Bookplate Collectors
Pencil Signed woodblock by Adrian Feint

Engraved plate for Arctic explorer/pilot
Senator from Arizona and Republican presidential candidate

Engraved by A.N. Macdonald in 1921

Engraved by The Western Banknote Company

Designed by K..Kawaaski in 1933
printed from six blocks
Wood engraving by J.J. Lankes
Magician's Bookplate

Mystery Rebus Bookplate from Barbara

I have come across your interesting website many times in the past, but this is the first time I have had a query. I hope you can help.
I have come across what appears to be a rebus bookplate (attached), but haven't so far been able to decipher it. 
The hare and tree might possibly be Trehair, and there might be also be a Shepherd (or similar spelling). Perhaps also a Knight - or 'Sir'. No idea what the Sunderland refers to, or why the plate is dated 1909.
Have you by any chance ever come across this design before?

Best wishes,
Note from Lew- Send scans of your mystery bookplates and I will try to assist you.
See you again next Sunday .

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