Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Raunchy Rabbit Bookplate Contest

The Raunchy Rabbit Bookplate contest is up and running. 

Think of an appropriate  caption for this bookplate and send it to

Only one entry per person will be considered.

The contest ends at  Midnight on Saturday November 22nd, 2014

The winner will receive an inscribed artist signed copy of Killer Bunnies by Charles Bordin.

Some Old Rabbit Bookplate Friends

If you have a rabbit bookplate in your own collection send a scan and it will be added  to this blog posting.

"This rabbit from my collection looks, sadly, to be the victim rather than hero of his tale"
Sent by Jane Peach
Sent By from Kyle Payne
"A photograph showing Albert Turner Reid drawing in his studio. Reid was a successful businessman, a staunch supporter of the American farmer, a composer, a painter of murals and a teacher of art. The art school which he started with George Stone in Topeka was the beginning of Washburn University's Art Department. Although a talented artist and successful newspaper publisher, Albert T. Reid is probably best remembered for his political cartoons. Reid sold his first cartoon to the Topeka Mail & Breeze in 1896. For the next 30 years, his cartoons appeared regularly in Kansas City, Chicago, and New York newspapers and several national magazines. They remain today a major contribution to the history of American politics. A large collection of his work is in the collections of the Kansas Historical Society"

I have not yet found any articles about the bookplates designed by Albert Turner Reid. A number of them seem to be for friends and family members. He signed his bookplates in several different ways..Here is what I have in my own collection.If you have other examples of his bookplates please send scans and they will be added to this blog posting.

Mystery Bookplate 

This seems to be art work for a bookplate
Do any of you have information about the owner or artist ?

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Amanda said...

The obvious first idea is "Killer Buns."