Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bookplate Odds and Ends

Back in January I wrote about the printer and bookplate engraver Robert Sneider.

In response to that blog posting  Paul Scheeler  sent me this image .Thank You Paul.
Hello Mr. Jaffe,

Here is a jpeg scans of the calling card image by bookplate engraver Robert Sneider of New York. It was found in an old scrapbook for St. Bernard Commandery No. 35, Knights Templar of Chicago. These were used by attendees of triennial conclave gatherings, in this case at their 1883 event in San Francisco. The scene is apparently a spoof on the solemn Chamber of Reflection used in the Templar degrees. Please feel free to utilize this on your blog or in any other manner you see fit.
Best regards,
Paul Scheeler, EPC
St. Bernard Commandery No. 35, K.T.

Back in Februrary I wrote about the bookplate designer Pauline Stone

As a result of that posting  Eric Angeloch  sent me this email .Thank You Eric

Dear Mr. Jaffe,
I was delighted to have happened upon your web page illustrating Pauline Stone's bookplates. Pauline was my maternal grandmother.
You may be interested in viewing

Bookplate Dealers Around The World.

In the U.S. Tom Boss is a good resource.

In Germany I would recommend Dr.Wofgang Rieger 

In France I have purchased many bookplates from Jacques Laget

Recent Exchanges and Purchases

Cantor Abraham Cardozo's Bookplate
I exchanged duplicates with fellow collector Philip Stieglitz and got a bookplate from the library of the late Cantor Abraham Lopes Cardozo .

 I have written about the remarkable hand painted bookplates used by John Lewis Childs.
Earlier in the week I purchased  this one...

Book Shops around the World

I don't usually recommend books but in this instance I'll make an exception.
It is a safe assumption that most of you enjoy going to book shops . Jen Campbell's new book  is a delight. It's written from the heart by a very talented writer who takes you on a remarkable  journey to bookshops around the world.
My rough estimate is that she covered about 250  stores.
In another life I would like to visit every one of them..

Mystery Bookplate Artist

These three bookplates are all by the same artist.The cypher is either TC or CT.
On two of the plates the initials are boxed.If you recognize the initials please let me know
If you have mystery bookplate(s) in your collection send me an Email and I will try to assist you.

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