Sunday, November 16, 2014

Judaica Bookplates For Possible Exchange

I  have a number of duplicates for possible exchange.Here they are:

Please send scans or descriptions of your duplicates to

The Elkan Adler plate has a stain on the reverse side which is intensified in the scan.

The Levitan plate is unique.It was designed for a collector of miniature books.
The dimensions  are 1 1/4 in. wide by 1 1/2 inches high

Mystery Judaica Plate

This one is not a duplicate. I purchased it last week and fellow collector Philip Stieglitz sent me the following information .
"I can't tell you which library this is from, however the words are ve-higita yomam ve-leilah, you should study it day and night(Torah). On the bottom is written ve-zot ha-torah asher sam Moshe, which translates as, "this is the Torah that Moshe placed".... I don't know what APA means."

Do any of you know which institution used this plate and what the APA signifies?

11/17/2014    Richard Schimmelpfeng and Kate Doordan Klavan  both came to the same conclusion..

The mystery plate is from Italy.

Here is Richard's response :

Lew, your mystery bookplate is for the Universita Giudaica del Livorno (Italy) designed by Antony De Witt, ca. 1900, and cut by Ulvi Liegi, pseudonym of the artist Luigi Levi.  The Hebrew is from Joshua (Hosea?) 1,8 and means meditate its essence day and night, referring I suppose to the book in Joshua's lap.  This is from Remo Palmirani's book "Gli ex libris del popolo del libro" 1994, p. 39.  The university's name may be slightly different now.

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