Sunday, December 07, 2014

Christmas Cards by Bookplate Artists

I'll be taking a train to New York City this morning to visit Santa  at Macy's .My grandson Jack is four years old and in all probability he won't be a true believer by next Christmas.
Over the years I've accumulated  a number of Christmas cards by various  artists and collectors.

This seems  like a good time to share some of them with you.

This one was done by James D. Havens for The Hart family:

This One was done by Allen Lewis

This one was done by Thomas Ewing French

This one was Done by Charles Keeler

This One was done in 1934 by Jerry Doyle 
The Pennsylvania gubernatorial election of 1934 occurred on November 6, 1934. Incumbent Republican governor Gifford Pinchot was not a candidate for re-election. Democratic candidate George Howard Earle III defeated Republican candidate William A. Schnader to become Governor of Pennsylvania. This was the first Pennsylvania gubernatorial election won by the Democratic Party since 1890.

This one was engraved by Roy Cooney in 1994 and sent as a Christmas card 
to the late Brian North Lee
This one was done by Justin C.Gruelle

This one was sent by Olive Percival in 1920.
She had a good sense of humor.

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