Monday, December 08, 2014

Santa in New York and More Christmas Cards

I came back from New York City without seeing Santa Claus. There was a three hour wait at Macys
and all adults present were not that patient.The back up improvised plan was to visit a toy shop and that pleased all adults and one child.. At the end of the day I managed to stop at a bookshop and picked up this bookplate.

My guess was that Mr. Clark was in the printing trades..I did several Google searches and  finally came up with this information about a couple with the same names but that in and of itself proves nothing. I will treat this as a mystery bookplate and hope more conclusive information may be sent to me.

"Norma Lee Clark, actress, author and personal assistant to Woody Allen for more than 30 years, died of cancer Nov. 8 at her home in New York City. She was believed to be 75 year old at the time of her death.
Born in Jefferson City, Missouri, Clark began her career in show business with the Pittsburgh Children’s Theater and later acted at the Rochester Arena Theater. In the late 1940s, she moved to New York to take the female lead in the Buck Rogers TV series, “Captain Video and His Video Ranger,” which ran 1949 to 1955.
For 30 years, Clark worked as Woody Allen’s personal assistant. During this period, she also wrote 15 Regency novels, under her own name and the nom de plume Megan O’Connor, including “The Infamous Rake” and “The Daring Duchess.”
Her marriage to lighting designer David Clark ended in divorce
She is survived by husband, Dimitri Vassilopoulos, her two daughters, Megan Clark and Emily Carvajal, and two grandchildren"

Here are a few more Christmas Cards

These Two are By Dugald Stewart Walker

These Two are by Rudolf Ruzicka

See you Again on Sunday

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