Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bookplate Odds and Ends 1/11/2015

Congratulations to Paula Jarvis 

 Her new newsletter  Printed and Bound  is  informative and beautifully laid out.

The current issue  can be found on The Book Club of Detroit website.
I was interested in all the articles (especially the one about bookmarks).
When you start reading the article be sure to clink on all the links.Would you believe one collector has over 120,000 bookmarks ?

 If her plans do not change the next issue (February) will contain an article about bookplates and will also appear on the BCD website.
Here is a link to the current issue.

Congratulations to fellow collectors Anthony Pincott  and Peter McGowan

Their discovery of the 96 hour day enables them to do the  the work of four  individuals in compressed time, defying all known laws of physics. Currently they are working on a very special auction in which you will be able to bid .

 The lots come principally from the collection of ladies' bookplates formed by Stephanie and Brian Schofield, and are being sold on behalf of Brian's executors.

More detailed information will be forthcoming .Stay tuned.

Hertha Furth

This bookplate is illustrated on P.87 in  Ex Libris The Art of The Bookplate by Martin Hopkinson

I would like to learn more about this little known Austrian artist and any other bookplates she designed. She emigrated to the United States where she met Waldemar Bernhard Kaempffert . In 1931 he was the science editor of The New York Times .

Here is some biographical information about her which I copied from the internet.

"Hertha Furth was born in Vienna in 1907

 (bio 1967 American Artist Magazine) but passport 

records show her birth date as 1900.
She studied with Julius Klinger in Vienna and Charles

 Martin (1884-1934) in Paris. 

She entered the US in 1929 and lived in New York 

City, where she was a noted designer for 

Bloomingdale's.  She held several patents

 for art related design.  She illustrated books by

 Dr. William A Brams.  Her work is featured in 

American Artist, January 1967 and 100 Watercolor 

Techniques by Norman Kent."

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