Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bookplate Odds and Ends.

One of the bookplate images sent by Tracy Munn

 On at least five occasions grand children or great grandchildren of bookplate designers have spotted a blog posting I've written and  have sent me information about their grandparents.
I wrote about Katherine Bartholomew back in 2010. Recently Tracy Munn ,, her grand daughter  sent me a photograph of her grand mother along with scans of some bookplates not shown in my original checklist.
 Here is a link to the updated blog posting.

The auction conducted by the Bookplate Society is progressing nicely

The start date for the auction will be sent to participants in February. In the meantime you can  begin looking at what is being  offered. 
Following registration, participants will receive a bidding list showing all the lot numbers, for use in recording and sending in bids.

I've spoken to a few collectors who are intimidated by its size (over 2500 bookplates to choose from)
My suggestion is to spend  fifteen minutes a day selecting the items that interest you.

Here are a few randomly selected items from the auction:

Lot E244 (page11)

Lot J026 (page11)
Lot E260 (page11)


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