Monday, July 27, 2015

E.D. French Bookplates Not Listed In Brainerd

Yesterday, I obtained a copy of Three Generations of Book Collectors The Evan Turner Gift at The Athenaeum of Philadelphia.
It was the cover illustration that intrigued me.

In the book I also found an illustration for another bookplate.

Here is the story behind the bookplates.
During world War I some members of the Bierstadt family decided to change their family to Turner.
*“Books in the Turner collection from Oscar Bierstadt, Albert Turner and Evan Turner reflect all three generations of Turner collecting. as well as some of the books that Albert Turner’s wife Percie Hopkins Trowbridge brought to the collection.”
*Ref.p. 49
This is a proof from my collection of the original Edward Hale Bierstadt  bookplate  (Brainerd # 16)

 Here is another variant of the Bierstadt bookplate..For the moment I do not know who George Fottrell  is.(was).
E.D. French

When E.D. French , the engraver of the Bierstadt bookplate died his body of work was catalogued by Mary Brainerd French.(Edwin Davis French A Memorial) .
It is the definitive E.D. French reference book.
 It lists the 299 bookplates he engraved..Some of his partially completed bookplates were finished
by other engravers ( A.J. Brown (A.J.B) , James Webb , and A.N. Macdonald (A.N.M.)
Fellow collector Hallam Webber has compiled a supplemental list of the bookplates completed by other engravers.

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