Monday, August 03, 2015

Lots of Links August 3rd, 2015

I have accumulated a good many links this week ,many of which were sent by blog readers .

Fellow collector Jacques Laget is having  bookplate sales at two different web sites.
 Many but not all of the items are European.
They include a  number of plates by Robert Saldo .

From August 2 to August 15, 20% discount on all bookplates listed :
Lee Sanders sent this link about Old London Bookshops

Remembering East End Jewish Bookshops

Jacob Nirenstein outside Shapiro, Vallentine in Wentworth St (c.1900)

Fellow Collector Anthony Pincott sent me this information:

 David Kovats, who deals in a range of ephemera, not just exlibris, ask us to publicise his website project – Collectorism at
 This is a platform he is building for collectors, a forum for meeting and exchange among enthusiasts. Collectorism will open in September and he tells us he already has hundreds of collectors signed up.  He decided to offer most of his stock (thousands of bookplates) on the site so there ought to be much to browse!  

Papermania is one of my favorite shows.

Here’s a link to a new bookplate group in Brazil.

We’ll be posting frequently.
Hope you like it.

All the best.
Carlos Horcades

 All these links should keep you busy so I won't overwhelm you with any more.

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