Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bookplate Odds and Ends 8/26/2015

Fellow collector Bill Glaseman sent me scans of two silent film star bookplates.

Here is a link to the Hollywood Notables site which I try to update periodically.;postID=1275466050913659286;onPublishedMen

. If you have any Hollywood bookplates not posted on the site please send me scans and they will be added .

Bebe Daniels

Lilian Gish

Fellow Collector Jim Hier sent this information:

"Lew -

Hope this email finds you well. The other day I was in downtown Portland and saw an interesting window display (clothing store Marios) that I thought you might find interesting. Notice anything familiar?

Jim Hier"
Not only do I see my own bookplate but I see at least one other that I've posted.
My assumption is that the images were copied from the internet and blown up so they could be seen more clearly.

Collector/Dealer Richard Thorner  found a rare early American bookplate Engraved by Joseph Callender.I will add biographical information about the owner George Searle when it is verified. 

Mr. Searle may have been a heraldic artist from Newburyport Mass.

James Keenan Sent this information:

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Note from Lew

I am sorting through a collection which I recently purchased.
This is one of  my favorites . The scan does not pick up the color gold very well .I call it an angling punning plate. The artist's initials are HEB . Does anyone know who that might be?

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