Monday, September 21, 2015

Sneak Preview Of An Important Bookplate Auction

In early November Heritage Auctions will be selling about 2,000 bookplates from  the James M. Goode collection.
It will take place in New York City and also be shown on the internet..

Many items in this collection are custom  framed and elegantly labeled with calligraphy.

The collection includes the plates of prominent figures in many fields ,including politicians , entertainers, industrialists,scientists and authors.
Among the bookplates are those belonging to George Washington,Greta Garbo, and Nelson A. Rockefeller, Albert Einstein and Robert Frost.There are bookplates designed by Paul Revere, Thomas Hart Benton, Paul Landacre,Edward Burne-Jones. Leonard Baskin and Eric Gill

Framed Photos courtesy of Heritage Auctions (
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During the second week of October  you can also go to
 where you can see and  enlarge  photos.of many more bookplates.
George Washington Bookplates
"Framed here are three of President George Washington’s bookplates. Above left is one of the 300 bookplates engraved and printed for George Washington by S. Valliscure in London in 1777. When Washington died in 1799, he left a library of 900 volumes. His heirs sold the books to an American book dealer in 1846, and when the citizens of Boston learned that the British Museum was interested in acquiring them, they raised $4,000 to buy the library, and donated it to the Athenaeum of Boston. Only 137 of the Athenaeum books have his bookplate; the heirs gave the remainder of the bookplates to Washington’s admirers. The second bookplate, above middle, is an 1863 forgery, which was inserted in 200 eighteenth-century books auctioned by W.L. Wall Company in Washington, D.C. When exposed as a fraud, the books brought very low prices. The third bookplate is an 1890 restrike, printed from the original copper plate, which was given to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 1907 and never used again. "
Bookplates of U.S. Presidents

Rockwell Kent Bookplates
"These bookplates were designed by Rockwell Kent, a leading artist in the United States during the 1930s. He also produced paintings, prints, and illustrations for leading magazines as well as contemporary and classic books including “Moby Dick.”
Theatrical Bookplates

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