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Bookplate Odds and Ends 9/26/2015

Last week I attended a book show in Brooklyn and found about twenty bookplates.
Shown below are four of my favorites.
This monogram is very confusing. I see an S and perhaps a second backward S.
Do you see any other letters ? I could use some assistance.

9//29 A comment sent by Guillermo Morán

Regarding the 'confusing monogram' (quite baroque, indeed) I would say it depicts an S and a M and the same letters symmetrically reflected on the right.

This octagonal bookplate   circa 1840 is from a Circulating library in Scotland

I already own the Waters bookplate but I hope to trade with someone eventually.
The bookplate is mentioned in Theatrical Bookplates by A. Winthrop Pope (Published 1914)
My first though was that it might have been used by Ethel Waters but she was only eighteen in 1914
so the owners first name is unknown.

R.W.G. Vail, librarian and Author 

 Robert W. G. Vail (1890-1966) was the  librarian of the American Antiquarian Society from 1930 to 1939. 

A bookplate Selfie sent by Luiz Felipe P. Stelling

Dear Lew,

I found this picture so interesting. Like our modern times with many selfie-photos by smart phones, it seems in the 1950s there was a selfie by this woman depicted in this bookplate.

Best regards,


Pope Francis is coming to Philadelphia today.

Pope Francis Selfie

Everyone's doing it...even  Pope Francis has his picture taken inside St. Peter's Basilica with youths from the Italian Diocese of Piacenza and Bobbio who came to Rome for a pilgrimage at the Vatican. Photo: AP

I don't know if Pope Francis uses a bookplate , Here is a scan of the bookplate used by Pius X
It has  traveled around the world. I originally purchased it in 2003 in Hudson New York.At the time my focus was on 18th century American bookplates so I made a trade with the late Brian North Lee whose focus was on royal bookplates. After his death the Lee collection was sold at auction in England.
Brian had a distinctive way of displaying bookplates.He mounted them on graph paper.I mention this because in 2009  this came up for sale on Ebay and I was the high bidder.

Luigi Bergomi sent the following 

scans from his collection:

Ugo Boncompagni (Gregorio XIII) approx. 1572 (188 x 140 mm)

Luigi Barnaba (Pio VI) approx. 1800 (64 x 58 mm)

Lorenzo Orsini (Clemente XII) approx. 1730 (49 x 38 mm)

By Cordeglio Penel

Upcoming Bookplates at PBA auction #571 

Lot #401(10/15/2015)

Threats and Warnings on Bookplates

Three years ago I wrote two articles about threats and warnings on bookplates.

Chester Winslow(1792-1858) used this bookplate in his book No. 81. 
Job Richmond acquired the book and made the following notation:

March 1854  I will not own up, so go home No. 81.
I found you astray.
If a thing is lost does it change ownership 
Job Richmond
9/29/2015   A note from Guillermo Morán

I followed the link related to threatening bookplates and took a look at the curses of the Monastery of San Pedro.
In the city of Barcelona, there was a Benedictine monastery named Sant Pere de les Puelles, being Sant Pere the Catalan for Saint Peter.
I took a look at Google and it appears that they still have their archives

They also claim to have a small collection of ex-libris (mostly from the 20th century). 

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