Saturday, October 10, 2015

This Week in bookplates 10/11/2015

My last posting about Bedbugs and Zombies was a bit creepy ,wasn't it ?
I suppose bats are less repulsive since they feast  on tons of  Mosquitoes .
I just got a bookplate featuring a bat. It is an unusual subject..If you have any bat themed bookplates in your collection send me a scan and it will be added to this posting.

The owner Bates Grimston Van De Weyer was a member of the landed gentry in England

Bates Grimston Van De Weyer

Death:(Date and location unknown)
Immediate FamilDy:
Son of Victor William Bates Van De Weyer and Lady Emily Georgina van De Weyer
Brother of Maj. William John Bates Van De Weyer, MVO and Edward Bates Van De Weyer

10/20/2015 -Three Bat Bookplates sent by Luigi Bergomi

10/25/2015 New years Greeting(1984)  and  Bat Bookplate 

sent by Jose Martinez

The artist for the PF is JIŘÍ VLACH

                                            Bookplate  By Anneke Kuper


 Heraldry of Fish

One of the first bookplate books I ever purchased was a disbound copy of 
The Heraldry of Fish,.
. Notices Of The Principal Families Bearing Fish in their Arms

by Thomas Moule
Here are a few examples of bookplates  spawned by that book.

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