Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Goodbye 2015

As the year is ending I would like to look back and look forward..

In  2015 I did not complete many of the bookplate projects I had planned.

The check lists of California artists , never got very far.
If you are in California and have the time to assist me with this project please send  an email..

For  the month of December here is a snapshot of readership by country.
United States
United Kingdom
Costa Rica

It is interesting to note that China which is feuding  with Google never shows up in these stats even though I know many in  China are reading my blog
 Looking Forward
  I would like to get more collector profiles and reader submissions next year.
 It is hard to believe but 2016  will be my tenth year as  a blogger.
In blog years ( like doggie years ) that is a long time.

To celebrate the tenth year I plan to have a bookplate contest.

Antioch Bookplate Archives–Unusual New Year’s Greetings submitted by

 Rebecca Eschliman 

Among the little correspondence from the 1930s that remained in the Antioch Bookplate Company files were some New Year’s Greetings from Art Young * to his friend (a friendship developed from their shared interest in socialist causes) and Antioch Bookplate Company founder Ernest Morgan.
Art Young in the late 1930s
1936 New Year's Greeting
1938 New Year's Greeting
*Art Young's bookplate designs for Antioch Bookplate were shown on these posts:


 From my own collection here is a New Years letter from 1943 which  I cherish because it reflects 
the pulse of a time long gone , when people had great respect and admiration for their leaders..
About Ralph Ward and Howard B. Cunningham
In 1941, Ward Baking Company became one of the first companies to enrich bread. The company introduced New Tip-Top Bread on June 3, 1952. This new bread doubled the calcium content and contained 1/3 more milk solids. The company was able to change its bread formula with the addition of the new ingredients without increasing the product costs. 11 The New York City headquarters of Ward Baking Company was eliminated during a company reorganization in 1974. 7 The company left the baking business entirely in 1981, when it sold the last of its baking operations to Interstate Brands Corp. 8 In 1924, George Ward’s son, Ralph, became the president of Drake Bakeries, a position which he held until his death in 1953.9 . Drake Bakeries is another bakery that is now owned by Interstate Bakeries Inc. The company is known for their snack cakes including Devil Dogs, Yankee Doodles and Ring Dings.

To all of you out there may 2016 be a year for good health, joy and prosperity.

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