Thursday, January 14, 2016

My Tenth Year of Blogging Has Begun

I never fully realized how  addictive my computer had become until it went through a mid life crisis earlier this week at the same time  that the neighborhood  computer  guru left for a ten day trip to California..
In any event I am  getting back on track now and playing catch up.

Here are some odds and ends that  have piled up.

Fellow collector/dealer Gabe Konrad bought a large number of bookplate reference books and is in the process of printing a catalog.
Cover of Catalog
If you'd like to receive a copy of this print catalog, please email him at or call (231) 652-2665.

Bay Leaf Used & Rare Books, ABAA/ILAB/IOBA
Gabe and Melanie Konrád
79 State Rd. (M-37)
Newaygo, MI 49337

Mystery Leather Bookplate

This is one of the nicest leather bookplates I have ever had.
I no nothing about the owner nor the country he lived in.
Any input would be appreciated.

The Wonders of The Internet
One of my favorite bookplate artists is Frances Delehanty.Several years ago Richard Schimmelpfeng and I collaborated on a check list of her bookplates .

This email arrived recently :

Hello Lew,
My name is David Hildt, and Frances W. Delehanty was my great aunt. I came across your blog after googling FWD, and I was amazed to see your collection of bookplates which she created. I am sending you a copy of the only one in my possession. It is one she made for her younger brother, Thornton Augustin Washington Delehanty, who was also the brother of my grandfather, John Bradley Delehanty.
 Our family history hasn't been kept up very well in that last few decades, so your collection has enriched our heritage.

Thank you!
David Hildt

A collector who has 80,000 magazines.

This has nothing to do with bookplates but extreme collectors fascinate me.

Mineralogy Related Bookplates 

Fellow Collector Larry Conklin has published his excellent article about mineralogy and bookplates.Here is a link:

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