Sunday, July 03, 2016

July 4th 2016 Bookplates and Ephemera

On Monday we celebrate our independence .I was trying to find some July 4th bookplates with little success .These late 19th and early 20th century postcards seemed appropriate for starters .

Fireworks are an integral part of July 4th celebratios so I am adding a link from The Lotus Fireworks Company which has a museum of fireworks

The eleven signers of The Declaration of Independence
 who used bookplates.

John Adams

Charles Carroll

Samuel Chase

Thomas Hayward 
Image from
The Boss collection

William Hooper    
Image from Tom Boss

Francis Hopkinson

Benjamin Rush

Richard Stockton  
Image from Tom Boss

George Taylor   
This plate was copied from an illustration in  The Loan Exhibition of Colonial Bookplates  organized by The Society of Colonial Dames State of New York in 1908. It is the date (1782) which puzzles me as Mr. Taylor died in 1781

Oliver Wolcott   
 I believe this bookplate was used by Oliver Wolcott.
 He and his  son (Oliver Wolcott Jr.) used the same plate which had a blank name tablet
 Signature enlarged directly from bookplate with an example of the signers signature below .

George Wythe

If you have any other images of bookplates used by signers  please send me a scan so it can be added to this posting.

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